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At Questrom, you’ll join a lively, thoughtful, and motivated community eager to learn from each other and create value in business and in the world. In class and out, our students seek opportunities to collaborate and take meaningful action.

Getting involved in student clubs and activities helps you connect with others, build your experience and your network, and have fun! Your Questrom experience will be what you make of it. Community, leading companies …and a whole lot more.


Full-Time MBAStudent Life

Clubs & Events

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Case Competitions

We believe practice makes perfect, so we challenge students to showcase their skills and dive into real business scenarios, competing against other Questrom students or students from other Boston-area schools. May the best team win!

Link Day

Link Day is a Questrom tradition everyone looks forward to, our way of connecting with the Greater Boston community. It’s a one-day consulting event that matches mission-driven organizations with teams of Questrom MBA students and faculty to find solutions for specific business problems. Students gets hands-on practice. Organizations get new solutions and ideas. That’s what we call win-win!

Student-led Treks

Adventure awaits. Join a team of students to design your own trek or hop on a trip that’s already planned. Instead of class deliverables, you’ll focus on a concept, place, or project you’ll invent yourself. The location is up to you! Treks last one to two weeks and have gone to Guatemala to assist budding entrepreneurs and Israel to focus on innovation.

Clubs & Organizations

We’ve got over 25 different student clubs and organizations—and 60% of graduate students get involved. Student-run organizations and events are important resources for your career launch and professional development. Conferences, guest speakers, and special events offer countless opportunities for hands-on learning and networking.

Student Clubs

Student-run clubs, organizations, and events can be important resources for your career launch and professional development. Guest speaker events, treks to employer sites, service projects, and case competitions are all avenues to networking and building a strong resume.


Full-Time MBAStudent Life

Meet ouR students

Questrom students have a lot going on. They’re passionate, focused, and driven to make a difference. But that doesn’t mean they’ve always got their noses in a laptop. Sometimes they just chill with friends over pizza, or pop over to Fenway for a Red Sox game. Your classmates will come from every conceivable background and every corner of the world. They’ll expand your outlook, challenge your thinking, and become lifelong friends.

But don’t take our word for it.

“As much as you hear it, it is the network that makes the Questrom MBA experience – These people will become your closest friends and will, more than likely, have some influence in your future career.”

“I aimed to come out of Questrom with a job that would allow me to own something from end to end and utilize my skills in different areas.”

“One of the things that attracted me to questrom is the palpable sense of collectivism shared by the students here.”

“I’m learning to solve real-world problems and getting a lot of hands-on experience.”


“Questrom has a family feeling different from other schools. Everyone here is competitive, but everyone also wants to support everyone else. It’s what I really like about the community here.”


Coming from a marketing and public relations background, Melissa Lee, MBA’23, never felt behind others who had a more quantitative background.

Shakti Das, MBA +MSDT’23, says Questrom will help you realize what you’re really good at.


Questrom is all about opportunities. Access to the leading minds in business and enterprise in Boston and beyond. Boston University resources, which include thousands of courses and hundreds of clubs and organizations. Boston’s vibrant culture, which offers everything from nightclubs and theaters to cutting-edge startups and a die-hard sports scene.

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To stay ahead, we’re not standing still. We’re on the move, reshaping existing programs, creating new ones, and seeking fresh ways to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. Your success is our top priority. So, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you become a highly effective leader the world can’t ignore.


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Your full-time MBA experience will extend far beyond the classroom—you’ll have all of BU and Boston at your fingertips. As one of the top centers for finance, digital technology, social enterprise, and the health sector, Boston is a hub of innovation. And a fantastic place to be an entrepreneurial student with big ideas.

Full-Time MBAStudent Life

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