The Task Force on Evaluating Teaching was launched in May 2017 to examine the University’s approach to student course evaluations and consider their place in the overall assessment of both undergraduate and graduate teaching. The Task Force was asked to look at BU’s existing practices – particularly in the context of current national conversations and widely used practices at peer institutions – with the objective of designing a system for teaching evaluation that provides a comprehensive, fair, and accurate picture. 

The Task Force worked collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders across the University and submitted its final report to the Office of the Provost in late 2018. We are pleased to share this report with you and invite you to provide feedback on its findings and recommendations.


Gillian Pierce

Assistant Provost for Academic Assessment, Office of the Provost


Suzanne Chapin

Professor of Mathematics Education, Wheelock College of Education & Human Development

Terry Everson

Associate Professor of Music, College of Fine Arts

Ray Fisman

Professor of Economics, College of Arts & Sciences

Chris Gill

Associate Professor of Global Health, School of Public Health

Daryl Healea

Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Enrollment Services, College of Arts & Sciences

Roland Jaeckel

Director, Educational Technology, Office of Digital Learning and Innovation

Deborah Jaramillo

Associate Professor of Television Studies, College of Communication

Rebecca Kinraide

Master Lecturer, Arts and Sciences Writing Program, College of Arts & Sciences

Chris Paal

Assistant Vice President and University Registrar

Michael Smith

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, College of Engineering

Matthew Trevett-Smith

Director, Center for Teaching and Learning

Task Force’s Charge

The charge of the Task Force on Evaluating Teaching included the following:

  • Gather information about the language and content of current student course evaluations at BU and consider how this content aligns with current research and national conversations on how best to evaluate teaching.
  • Revise or re-draft a University-wide course evaluation form with both common content and questions and flexible options for schools, colleges, programs, and departments to tailor the evaluations to their specific needs.
  • Make recommendations about the possible participation of graduate programs in student course satisfaction surveys.
  • Consider the options for moving to online course evaluations and make recommendations about such a move.
  • Draft standard guidelines for administering electronic course evaluations to ensure maximum response rates.

The Task Force Report

Read the Task Force’s report and share your feedback on its findings and recommendations.

Member Intranet

Task Force members can access additional information and documents here.