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Pre-Health Curriculum Checklist

The pre-health curriculum is not a “one size fits all,” but rather, may be customized, depending upon one’s academic background and goals. While most health profession schools have a specific list of prerequisite courses that are required for admission, there can be great variability in how you complete them in a four-year curriculum.

Your choice of major as well as the breadth and level of the courses you select should reflect your academic interests and degree of prior preparation.  Although you should not choose courses solely with a view toward making an impression on admission committees, you should be aware that these committees give serious consideration to the rigor and scope of your education.

In addition to meeting with your academic advisor and a pre-health advisor when choosing the most appropriate pre-requisite courses for your major(s)/minor(s) and pre-health pathway, it is strongly recommended that you check with the individual schools to which you plan to apply to confirm that you are taking the appropriate prerequisite courses required for admission.

The core pre-health science courses include:


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