When applying to most health profession schools, you will submit your application through a central application service (e.g. AACOMAS, AADSAS, AMCAS, CASPA, PharmCAS, PTCAS, VMCAS, etc.). This central application service will, among other things, review your transcripts and standardize your GPA using their grade-point conversion scale, which can be different from BU’s scale. 

Below you will find a GPA calculator* to help you determine your science, non-science, and overall GPAs as calculated by common central application services. You should use this tool to help determine your competitiveness for various programs and how performance in future classes will affect your GPA. 

The calculator is a downloadable excel file with editable regions that you can save and update throughout your pre-health career. 

Directions for GPA Calculator

Download the GPA calculator

*The GPA Calculator was created by West Virginia University’s Pre-Health Advising team