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Pre-health advisors provide guidance to individuals interested in pursuing careers in a broad range of health professions. The navigational drop down list reflects the professions about which we most often speak to students and includes information about:

  • each profession
  • central application services
  • standardized tests
  • links to further explore each profession and to begin considering schools to which to apply

Career options in the health professions are limitless.  Some professions require many years of additional education after obtaining your baccalaureate degree, while others only require a short training program.  A strong science background is necessary for certain professions, but may not be as important for others.  Some careers will allow you to work independently and be your own boss, while others require considerable collaboration and teamwork. To help you learn about the spectrum of options available, we host the Health Profession Series, which is a year-long series of programs that introduce you to a variety of health professions.

We encourage individuals interested in exploring opportunities within the health care field to watch our “Exploring the Health Professions” video and to visit ExploreHealthCareers, an online resource that provides an excellent introduction to many professions.