Selecting which school to apply to:

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing the schools to which you want to apply. Of course, your academic record and standardized test scores are important to keep in mind from the very beginning of the process.  The research you do now will likely help you prepare for secondary/supplemental applications.

We suggest you begin by reviewing the requirements for individual schools.  The requirements and additional important information (e.g. GPA and standardized test scores of the most recent entering class) are typically available in publications from national associations:

Similar information is usually available on schools’ websites.

Health Profession School List Templates

MPH & SMP School List Templates

You may find it helpful to use one of our Professional School List Templates as you begin to build your school list. The templates include many of the factors you may consider and will help ensure you are fulfilling school specific requirements. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to verify and understand each school’s requirements.

You will find templates for Medical School, Dental School, Veterinary School, Physician Assistant Programs, Nursing Programs, Optometry Schools, Pharmacy Schools, Podiatry Schools, Master of Public Health Programs, and other Special Master’s Programs.  Each profession’s template is labeled by tabs at the bottom of the document.

We encourage you to make a copy of this template in your google drive for personal use.

*Please note that the information provided in each template is an example. The information listed is not all-inclusive and is subject to change.

Additional resources to help you learn more about health profession schools:

Factors to consider may include:


Additionally, the AAMC article, Selecting a Medical School: 35 Questions I Wish I Had Asked, has some helpful questions/factors to consider regardless of the health profession to which you will apply. Though these are suggested questions to ask during the interview process, they may also be factors you can find more information about during your preliminary research via schools’ websites.

After you have considered the factors discussed above, have received your standardized test scores, and have created a preliminary list of schools, you may wish to schedule an appointment to discuss your selections with a pre-health advisor. We recommend scheduling this meeting once you have completed your comprehensive advising appointment.

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