Available each fall semester for sophomores. We encourage rising pre-health sophomores to add CAS FY 103 (sections P1 or P2) to your fall schedule! Rising sophomores in any school or college at BU (i.e. CAS, ENG, SAR, QST, etc.) can register.

Led by the Pre-Health Advisors, the Pre-Health Seminar is a 1 cr. specialized 9-week (ends before Thanksgiving!) course. You will learn how to identify your interests and values by reflecting on your individual experiences and through group discussions.

For anyone interested in applying to the MMEDIC program, this course will also help you develop ideas for your personal statement and an understanding of how to write about your experiences in the application.

This course is discussion based, so active participation is required to receive a passing grade!


Feedback from Fall 2023’s classes:

  • “The course helped me learn to how to reflect throughout the medical journey.”
  • “Thank you so much for preparing all the lecture materials. They are all so helpful for me to learn more about health profession schools. I also appreciate my instructors for being so supportive and informative.”
  • “I loved this course so much!”
  • “Overall this was a great and fun class to take. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is on the pre-health track.”
  • “Genuinely so impressed by this course and feel so lucky that I was able to secure a spot.”
  • “Great course. I feel much more enthusiastic, positive, and energized about pursing a career in medicine.”
  • “I really liked this class. It was a chill class that was relevant to what I wanted to do in the future and made me excited to be premed (although it did remind me of all the work that I have to do)”
  • “I really enjoyed this seminar and it helped me figure out a lot about myself, my goals and how to achieve them. I’ll miss coming here every week. I really appreciate the people I’ve met and discussed with.”
  • “This is a great course, I would recommend upcoming pre-health sophomores to take it.”