Philosophy Grad Students Win Prestigious Inclusion Catalyst Grant

Graduate Students in the Boston University Philosophy Department has recently been awarded the coveted BU Inclusion & Diversity Inclusion Catalyst Grant, securing $2000 in funding for an upcoming conference. This significant achievement is particularly noteworthy given the competitive nature of the grant which spans the entire university.

Under the theme “Researching Values and Valuing Research: How to Bridge the Gaps between Ethics and Science,” the Philosophy Graduate Students at Boston University are set to host a two-day event on March 29-30 at the Photonics Center (Room 901). The conference aims to explore the intersection of science and ethics, emphasizing inclusive and decolonizing approaches to scientific practice.

A highlight of the conference will be a roundtable discussion titled “Empower Science: Diverse Voices; Ethical Choices,” designed to foster dialogue and exchange of diverse perspectives on scientific practice. The event is open to the entire BU community, with a special focus on involving students from various departments and backgrounds.

The project revolves around three primary goals: learn, reflect, and act. Discussions will delve into the role of colonial values in shaping scientific practice, assessing how these values influence the aims of inquiry, eligibility for practicing science, and the recognition of indigenous expertise. A key feature of the conference will be the roundtable, providing a platform for self-assessment and dialogue on the value-laden nature of research conducted by BU students. The ultimate aim is to act on insights gained during the event to reform scientific practices at BU, incorporating non-western and anti-colonial values.

This initiative represents an opportunity for the BU community to engage in critical self-examination of the ethical dimensions and inclusivity of research activities at the university. In a novel approach to fostering academic engagement, undergraduate students are also invited to participate as commentators for the conference.

Congratulations, Philosophy Grad Students!