In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus Alan Olson

The Department notes with sadness the recent death of Professor Emeritus Alan Olson, on September 14, 2023.  Professor Olson served as Chairman ad Interim of the Philosophy Department (1987-89) and as Chair of the Religion Department (1980-87) at Boston University and was as well a Program Coordinator for the Institute for Philosophy and Religion.  Among other accolades, Professor Olson was a Senior Fulbright Research Fellow at the University of Tübingen and served on the Board of Officers of the American Philosophical Association and as President of the Karl Jaspers Society of North America.  His books include “Hegel and the Spirit:  Philosophy as Pneumatology,” “Disguises of the Demonic:  Contemporary Perspectives on the Power of Evil,” and “Heidegger and Jaspers.”  
Online condolences may be shared at Nickerson Funeral Home.