Arché Student-Led Philosophy Journal Publishes New Issue

The Philosophy Department would like to direct your attention to the most recent communiqué from the editorial team of our Undergraduate Philosophy Journal, Arché.

Arché is a journal of philosophy edited and published by students of the College of Arts & Sciences in coordination with the Department of Philosophy. We strive to highlight exceptional student work, providing undergraduates and graduates with a platform to share their philosophical writing with a broad readership.

The editorial team of Arché is pleased to announce the release of its most recent issue, no. 6. This issue represents the revival of the journal and the culmination of a two-year collaborative effort by the 24 students who comprise the journal’s editorial team. Each editor has devoted 2-3 hours per week to bring this issue to fruition. We hope that you will pause for a moment and read the Acknowledgements page which details various individual contributions that made this issue possible.

Given that the last time the editorial team of Arché published an issue was in 2012, we were surprised and delighted by the overwhelming response to our call for papers. We received submissions from students at institutions all over the world. The selection process for this issue was arduous as there were many high-quality manuscripts submitted for consideration, resulting in an acceptance rate of only 7.1%

We hope that you will enjoy reading this issue’s selection of papers on language and literature. We are proud of this publication and believe that it will contribute to the outstanding reputation of Boston University and the Department of Philosophy.

On behalf of the entire editorial team,

Vanessa Anne Hanger
Philosophy, Psychology (CAS 2024)

Congratulations to the Arché editorial team on their latest issue! Those interested in joining are welcome to email the editorial team at

Arché, Issue No. 6 Flyer