Professor Juliet Floyd Publishes New Book

The department wishes a warm congratulations to Professor Juliet Floyd on the publication of her book, Wittgenstein’s Philosophy of Mathematics, part of the Cambridge Elements Series in the Philosophy of Mathematics. 

The book, published by Cambridge University Press, is described thus:

“For Wittgenstein mathematics is a human activity characterizing ways of seeing conceptual possibilities and empirical situations, proof and logical methods central to its progress. Sentences exhibit differing ‘aspects’, or dimensions of meaning, projecting mathematical ‘realities’. Mathematics is an activity of constructing standpoints on equalities and differences of these. Wittgenstein’s Later Philosophy of Mathematics (1934–1951) grew from his Early (1912–1921) and Middle (1929–33) philosophies, a dialectical path reconstructed here partly as a response to the limitative results of Gödel and Turing.”

Professor Floyd’s book is currently free to read through Cambridge University Press now through August 9th, 2021.

Congratulations, Professor!

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