Computers and Printing


All computer workstations in the Pickering Educational Resources Library (PERL), including the 23 stations of the eClassroom and 4 stations in our alcove, are Information Services Technology (IS&T) thin client machines that require a current Kerberos name and password to log in. These computers are all managed centrally by IS&T, resulting in a host of benefits, including significantly reduced energy consumption. The machines offer a variety of applications and are connected to the campus MyPrint network. If you do not have a current Kerberos name and password, please ask at our circulation desk for help.


Our library computers are connected to our two printers through the MyPrint system. Instructions on printing directly from personal laptops are also available.

Our printers are located by the scanning machine and in the eClassroom. They may also be used as photocopiers, using Convenience Points. The printer nearby the scanner can print in color (also using Convenience Points) or in black and white.

For more details on the MyPrint system please refer to the MyPrint FAQs.