Lawson/Donweber: Practical and theoretical aspects of the rules of evidence. The purpose and policies underlying the evidentiary rules are stressed throughout in order to make the rules meaningful, predictable, and functional both for students interested in trial practice and for students who anticipate engaging in a more diversified practice. In addition to covering the substantive rules of evidence, the course demonstrates the significance of evidence as a tactical device at the trial and as a vital skill for the office lawyer. Okidegbe: Evidence law is a system of rules and standards that regulates proof of facts in adjudication. This course will examine the rules of Evidence Law with a focus on the Federal Rules of Evidence. It will utilize a problem-based approach to learning evidentiary concepts and standards. The topics covered by this course include relevance, character evidence, impeachment, competency of witnesses, the hearsay rule, opinion evidence, and other central subjects. Assessment for the course will be based upon a final examination.
Fall 2023: LAW JD 831 , Sep 6th to Dec 6th 2023
A1Gary S. Lawson4Mon,Wed10:40 am - 12:40 pmLAW103
Fall 2023: LAW JD 831 , Sep 5th to Dec 7th 2023
B1Gary S. Lawson4Tue,Thu10:40 am - 12:40 pmLAW605
Spring 2024: LAW JD 831 , Jan 17th to Apr 24th 2024
D1Stephen M. Donweber4Mon,Wed10:45 am - 12:45 pm