Focused on the future of law to meet employer needs.

How do we go about ensuring that the right practice opportunities will be there for our graduates? Targeted, sustained outreach with leading employers across all employment sectors, and personalized individual work with each student.

We focus on the future of law, making sure we are abreast of a rapidly changing professional environment by regularly meeting with employers across all sectors, keeping them informed about developments at the School of Law and our students’ qualifications, and listening to what they need from new grads to ensure we incorporate the development of those skills into our students’ law school experience.

We partner with our students from the start of their legal educations—each 1L has a designated CDO advisor who works individually with that student to help discern desired career goals, and then design a tailored plan for achieving them. Our CDO advisors, all of whom are JDs, specialize by employment sector—private sector, government, public interest, judicial clerkships, alternative and emerging careers—and have deep practice experience in their sector.

In the last few years alone, we have developed innovative programs such as our 1L Career Conference (which exposes students to a broad range of practice areas and practice settings early in their first year) and our Beyond Boston Program (which connects legal recruiters from major legal markets nationwide with our students) to help students refine their professional interests early in law school; while tailored new programs such as our In-House Counsel Fellowship Program, Small and Mid-size Firms Apprenticeship Program, and our Public Service Fellowships ensure that an increasingly broad range of practice opportunities are available to them when they graduate.