Student Employment Opportunities

Student Employment

Opportunities to work part-time are available both at the law school and throughout the University at large. Students who choose to work should review the Student Employment Office’s Policy on Student Work Hours regarding hour restrictions. Please note hour restrictions include all employment at Boston University (not just hours worked at the law school).

Finding a Job

Jobs throughout the University (including quickie, longer term, and work study) can be found in the Work tab of the StudentLink. Jobs specifically for law students can be found on the Career Development Office website.

New Student Employees

  • All new BU Law student employees must complete the I-9 Employment and Eligibility Form before beginning work. New employees cannot begin working until the Form I-9 is completed.
    • US citizens or legal residents must complete Section 1 of the Form I-9 through the Form I-9 Compliance Portal and then come to 765 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 1102P so that Section 2 can be completed (the Form I-9 is not considered complete until both sections have been completed). Please email to make an appointment. When you report for your appointment you must bring original documents showing proof of both identity and eligibility to work in the United States. Acceptable documents are listed here.
    • International students must complete the Form I-9 at the International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO) at 888 Commonwealth Avenue, 2nd Floor. International students who do not have a Social Security number must have their work supervisor complete and sign the SSN Certification Form before going to ISSO to complete the Form I-9. After completing the Form I-9 at ISSO and applying for a Social Security number (if applicable), international students must visit BU Law Payroll at 765 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 1102P in order to be added to the payroll.
  • All new student employees must complete the Initial Student Questionnaire. The completed form should be brought to the Law Payroll office located in 765 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 1102P.
  • Student employees have the option to complete federal and state tax forms. If these forms are not completed, the University will automatically tax at the maximum rate for both federal and state taxes. International students should refer to the Student Employment Office website for instructions regarding completing tax forms. If you would like to complete tax forms, the W-4 should be completed for federal taxes and the M-4 should be completed for Massachusetts state taxes. Completed tax forms should be brought to the Law Payroll office located in 765 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 1102P.
  • Direct deposit is required for all student employees. Direct deposit can be signed up for through the Student Link. Please click here for instructions.

Current Student Employees

  • If you have been working during the academic year or summer and will continue working into the next semester, please contact the BU Law Payroll office. You will need to be re-hired in order to continue entering hours.
  • Payroll reminders for student employees
  • All tax and direct deposit information will remain the same. If you would like to change your allowances or exemption please complete the W-4 (for federal taxes) and/or the form M-4 (for state taxes). The completed forms should be returned to the BU Law Payroll office (765 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 1102P). If you would like to change your direct deposit information, please do so through the StudentLink (instructions).

STEP (Student Time Entry Process)

  • Student employees must have a valid Form I-9 on file, be in compliance with University regulations, be registered as a student, and have contacted BU Law Payroll before they can input hours on STEP (Student Time Entry Process).
  • The BU Law deadline for student employees to submit their time entries is Thursday at midnight for the current week. Students who work on Friday or the weekend should forecast their hours. If the hours that you forecast turn out to be different than your actual hours worked, contact BU Law Payroll.
  • Instructions for STEP

Notification of Professor

All students working as research assistants are required to email or communicate with their professors the hours that they work each week.

Accurate Reporting Policy

The hours you submit should be an accurate portrayal of the time that you work.