Dependent Categories

Dependents are those family members who accompany the principal non-immigrant visitor.  Dependents who may enter with, or later join the principal visitor, are limited to the principal’s spouse and /or children under 21 years of age.

Recently enacted Federal regulations (8CFR 214.2(f) and 214.3) have limited full-time study for certain dependent categories.

  • F-2 spouses are prohibited from enrolling in full-time study.  F-2 spouses may enroll in “avocational and recreational” study (e.g. one English course or a sports or music/art class). 
  • F-2 children may be enrolled full-time in an elementary or secondary school.  Please note, however, that F-2 students attending an elementary or secondary public school must pay tuition at that school.  Please consult with the Education Department of the city or town where you are residing.
  • A J-2 spouse and J-2 children are currently permitted to enroll in full-time study.  However, please consult with an advisor at the International Students and Scholars Office prior to enrolling in full-time study as it is expected that regulations may change to limit full-time study in J-2 immigration classification.
  • Other dependent categories may include H-4s, L-2s, P-4s, As and Gs.  All of these dependent categories currently permit part-time or full-time study.   For further information, please contact an advisor at the ISSO.