Replacing Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Immigration Documents

We recommend that you keep your immigration documents safe and in good condition at all times. If any of your documents have been lost, stolen, or damaged, please review the information below and follow the necessary steps.


To arrange for passport replacement, you will need to contact your embassy or consulate in the US. The required application process and processing times will vary based on the specific replacement procedures for your country of citizenship. If your passport was stolen, we recommend that you file a police report with the BU Police Department and submit the report with your replacement request. Once your passport is replaced, please visit the ISSO so that we can copy the new document and update your records.


Your visa will not be replaced when you obtain a new passport. Since the purpose of a visa stamp is to allow entry to the US, it is not problematic if you do not have a valid visa in your new passport. However, the next time you depart the US, you will need to make arrangements to apply for a new visa prior to requesting re-entry to the US.

US Entry Stamp in Passport or I-94 Form

While you will not be able to replace your US entry stamp, you may be able to assess information about your most recent entry to the US at If your most recent entry information is not available in this system, please contact your advisor to discuss options for replacing this document.

Document(s) Specific to Your Status at BU

Form I-20 or DS-2019 (for individuals in F or J status)

The ISSO can issue replacement documents for you and your accompanying dependents in F-2 or J-2 status. Contact us directly to request a replacement. Please allow about five business days for processing. If BU did not issue your immigration document, please contact the institution/entity that is sponsoring your program to request a replacement (and when you receive the replacement, bring a copy to the ISSO).

Form I-797 Approval Notice (for H-1B and O-1)

An application to USCIS will be required to replace your H-1B approval notice. Please contact your ISSO advisor for more information.

Employment Authorization Document (EAD)

If you have an EAD that was issued by USCIS, you may eligible to apply for a replacement document. Please contact your ISSO advisor for more information.