Hiring a Recent BU Graduate

While international students may be eligible to work on-campus during their program of study, the rules governing employment eligibility change at the completion of their degree program at BU.   Recent BU graduates may certainly be eligible for employment after completing their degree, but this authorization is NOT automatic.  Students should therefore plan in advance to insure that they have the necessary employment authorization if they intend to continue working at BU after completing their degree program.  Note that without advance planning, a seamless transition will not be possible – there may be a period in which your recent graduate is not employable.

As an administrator, please note the following to help insure a smooth transition from ‘student employment’ to ’employment’ at BU:

End of BU ‘Student Employment’ – BU’s Student Employment Office has strict guidelines and deadlines related to student employment at BU.  Please pay particular attention to the semester employment deadlines to insure that your international student does not work beyond the published dates.

 To transition to a research, teaching or other position at BU –  In order to transition from ‘student employment’ to ’employment’ please be aware that ALL of the following conditions must be met:

  • The student must obtain the appropriate post-completion employment authorization;
  • The position that you are hiring them into at BU must be related to their BU program of study; and
  • The student must present the required documentation for employment verification (Form I-9) at the ISSO by scheduling a 15-minute in-person appointment or by contacting their ISSO Scholar Advisor within 3 days of the start of the BU employment.

Please contact your scholar advisor if you have questions related to employing a recent BU graduate.