Required Financial Documents

Required Financial Documentation

BU is required by U.S. government regulations to check the availability of adequate funding for tuition, fees, and living expenses for the duration of your studies at BU, in order to:

  • issue an immigration document necessary to obtain a student visa.
  • or to extend the immigration document should you require additional time to complete their academic program.


Undergraduate students: (it changes each year, should we maintain a page on our website as we do for grads?)

Graduate students: Refer to the Estimate of Expenses for the minimum funding requirements for programs at the Charles River Campus and Medical Campus.

 Summer Term students:  Contact Summer Term at or check the How to Register section of their website.

Financial support documentation submitted for evaluation will become the property of BU and will not be returned.

The financial documents must:

  • Be original documents (not photocopies).
    • It is recommended that you requests three sets of original documents. One to submit to BU, the second to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate to which you will apply for the visa (if applicable), and the third to retain for his/her record and to present at the U.S. Port of Entry if requested.
    • Bank letters must be on bank letterhead or have an official bank stamp.
  • Be dated:
    • For prospective students: the date should be no more than one year old from the intended date of enrollment.
    • For students requesting a program extension: the date should be no more than 6 months from the request for program extension.
  • Be written in English including names.
  • Indicate the period of time for which the support will be provided.
  • Reflect the minimum amount of support in U.S. dollars.
    • For students who have multiple source of funding, multiple financial documents can be submitted.  The total of the financial amount must reflect the minimum amount required.
  • Reflect funds that are readily available for tuition payments (i.e., checking or savings accounts).
    • Certain investment accounts such as stocks, salary documents, property holdings, etc. do not reflect available funds and will not be accepted.

Additional Information regarding the source of funding

  • If you will be funded by a family member, he/she must submit:
    • A letter of sponsorship which indicates that the sponsor is willing and able to support the student financially for academic fees and living expenses throughout the duration of study at Boston University, the relationship of the sponsor to the applicant, be signed and dated by the sponsor. We would suggest that they utilize the Financial Sponsorship Certification Form.
    • An official bank letter, bank statement or credit reference from a bank stating the availability of the funding to support minimum estimated expenses as indicated on the Estimate of Expenses.
  • If you will be funded by their government, an organization, a company, etc., the sponsor must submit a letter of sponsorship on official letterhead which states:
    • The funding is valid specifically for Boston University.
    • Exactly which expenses will be covered (i.e., academic fees, living expenses, health insurance, financial support for family members, travel, etc.).
    • The length of the financial support.
  • If you will be funded by a bank loan, they must submit an official letter of certification from the lending institution indicating the specific amount for which he/she has been guaranteed.
  • If you will be funded in a manner not listed above (for example, if they will fund themselves), he/she must submit official documentation (a bank letter, bank statement or a credit reference from a bank) indicating the specific amount to support minimum Estimate of Expenses.