Medical Care, Immunization, and Health Insurance

Health care in the US may be quite different from that of your home country. Medical treatment in the Boston area is exceptional but expensive since there is no socialized or national healthcare system in the U.S. so health insurance is necessary to help defray those costs.

In addition federal and state regulations have insurance mandates that you will need to be aware of and comply with during your stay in the U.S., including requirements specific to students in Massachusetts, residents of Massachusetts and J-1 exchange visitors.  While the ISSO strives to give you the most up-to-date information on insurance requirements, we cannot monitor whether specific insurance plans meet the requirements – ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure you have the proper coverage to meet any and all requirements that apply to you.

Mandatory Health Insurance for Massachusetts Residents – Massachusetts has a standard of minimum coverage which is required for all persons residing in the state (Note that for the purpose of Massachusetts insurance coverage, the term “residing” applies to all persons who live in the state during a given year). Failure to maintain adequate health insurance coverage to meet the Massachusetts requirements may result in tax penalties.  More information can be found on the Attorney General for Massachusett’s website.