Hub Courses

Please note: Due to the transition to MyBU Student, the full list of Hub course offerings is temporarily under construction. Please view current Hub courses on the Summer Term website (Summer 2024) and on the Class Search in MyBU Student (Fall 2024). We appreciate your patience during this time of transition.

MyBU Student Class Search

In the Hub, students can pursue their interests by taking courses across BU’s 10 undergraduate schools and colleges as they fulfill their general education requirements. How students experience learning in the Hub is up to them–the program is designed to integrate with a student’s major studies while encouraging exploration. Students can select from a wide range of courses that fulfill Hub requirements, both in and outside of their major.

Certain programs of study fulfill most or all Hub requirements, including the Core Curriculum (CAS), the College of General Studies, and Kilachand Honors College.

In addition, students can fulill Hub requirements while studying abroad in BU Study Abroad programs. 

Hub Courses and MyBU Student

Hub requirements will continue to be added to some courses throughout the academic year, so be sure to confirm the Hub requirements for your courses prior to registration. To explore courses further, please see the Class Search in MyBU Student or the Bulletin. In addition, you can find information about Hub courses offered during the summer on the Summer Term website.

You can also explore the BU Hub Pathways, which are curated lists of Hub courses that focus on interdisciplinary themes of global significance such as Social & Racial Justice and Environment & Society.