Hub Requirements

Hub Requirements for Students

The BU Hub offers students multiple pathways to fulfill their general education requirements. The Hub does not require that students take a specific set of courses, but rather encourages them to explore their interests while integrating Hub requirements with their undergraduate studies. Find your specific requirements in this section.

Hub Policies & Procedures

View the policies and procedures for the BU Hub.

Hub Area Key

Find here a key listing the abbreviation for each BU Hub area.

Advising & the Hub

Advising around the Hub happens in the schools and colleges. Your academic advisor can help you think about how best to integrate the Hub into your overall educational plan. For more information about undergraduate advising at Boston University, please visit the BU Undergraduate Advising website.

The Hub will be interwoven throughout your BU experience. You will take courses in your major that are Hub courses, you will take electives that are Hub courses, you may choose to pursue a Hub cocurricular experience that fulfills a Hub unit, or you may choose to participate in the Cross-College Challenge (XCC) as a capstone experience. Because of the way the Hub is integrated into your time at BU, you probably will consult with a number of advisors along the way. However, every student has a primary academic advisor or group of advisors whose role is to help you identify your pathway through the Hub.  For more information about whom will advise you on Hub requirements, please visit the BU Undergraduate Advising website.  While you will be discussing the Hub during your general academic advising meetings, you also should feel free to reach out to your Hub advisors with specific questions whenever they arise.