Two new Hub courses on social and racial justice, HUB SJ 101/102, are available to first-year and sophomore students! Following are additional details on the course content and structure:

HUB SJ 101: Social & Racial Justice: Systems and Structures

  • 4-credit course
  • Explores the historical/systemic bases of social and racial inequity
  • Fulfills Hub requirements in Historical Consciousness, Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy, and Critical Thinking
  • No prerequisite
  • Next offered in Fall 2023 and Spring 2024

HUB SJ 102: Social & Racial Justice: Advocacy and Action

  • 4-credit course
  • Focuses on how to engage in advocacy and action
  • Fulfills Hub requirements in Social Inquiry I, The Individual in Community, and Teamwork/Collaboration
  • Prerequisite: HUB SJ 101
  • Next offered in Spring 2024

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