In Progress

Kiernan Acquisto
“The Self Conscious Kings: Intersecting Identities and the Representation of Power on the Figural Relief Sarcophagi from the ‘Aya’a Nekropolis, Sidon”
First Reader: Martin

Rebecca Arnheim
“Ephemera Made Permanent: Collection and Display of Portrait Drawings in Early Modern Italy”
First Reader: Cranston

Joshua Basseches
“The ‘American School’ at the International Expositions of the Late Nineteenth Century“
First Reader: Hills

Bailey Benson
“In the Eye of the Beholder: Memory, Identity, and the Role of Viewer Reception in Roman Imperial Portraiture, 193-284 CE”
First Reader: Kleiner

Kimber Chewning
“Facing Niemandsland: The Photographic Subjects of Divided Berlin”
First Reader: Sichel

Hyunjin Cho
“Illustrated Manuscript of Firdausi’s Shahnama in Ninetheeth-Century Iran”
First Reader: Fetvaci

İkbal Zeynep Dursunoğlu
“The Moral Economy of Safavid and Mughal Manuscript and Album Painting, c. 1540-1640”
First Reader: Fetvaci

Willie Granston
“Like it Growed There”: Resort Architecture and the New England Landscape 1875-1915
First Reader: Abramson

Sarah Horowitz
“Designing Postwar American Performing Arts Centers, 1955-1971”
First Reader: Abramson

Sybil F. Joslyn
“Worth its Salt: Salvage in the Maritime Visual and Material Culture of America’s Long Nineteenth Century”
First Reader: Moore

Rachel Kase
“Landscapes of Change: Early Seventeenth-Century Dutch Graphic Representations of the Local Coast and Countryside”
First Reader: Zell

Defne Kirmizi
“Building Artistic Autonomy in Turkey: Conceptual Strategies and Group Exhibitions between 1974 and 1994.”
First Reader: Williams

Jillianne Laceste
“Creating Columbus: The Visual Culture of Colonial Encounters in Early Modern Genoa”
First Reader: Cranston

Julián Serna Lancheros
“Haciendo Patria: Latin American Artists in the Académie Julian of Paris (1867-1907)”
First Reader: Reyes

Katherine Mitchell
“Photographic Currents in US River Culture”
First Reader: Sichel

Casey Monroe
“Picturing a Global Frontier: William Henry Jackson and the World’s Transportation Commission”
First Reader: Sichel

Carlos J. Muñoz
The Apoxyomenos: Meaning & Context of the Athlete with a Strigil in the Greek and Roman World
First Reader: Martin

Phillippa Pitts
“Pharmacoepic Dreams: Art in the United States’ Medical Democracy”
First Reader: Barrett

Gabriel Quick
“Organizing Activist Art in 1980s New York: Political Art Documentation/Distribution”
First Reader: Williams

Althea Ruoppo
“The Place of Assemblage: Transnational German Sculpture by Isa Genzken, Reinhard Mucha, and Rosemarie Trockel”
First Reader: Williams

Constanza Robles Sepúlveda
“Visualizing Alliances through Art and Architecture: Pan Americanism, Hispanismo and Latin Americanism in World Fairs, 1901-1939”
First Reader: Reyes

Francesca Soriano
“Feathers and Skins: Art and the Avian Economy in the Nineteenth Century”
First Reader: Barrett

Completed Dissertations by Year

(AMNESP) denotes the student is a doctoral candidate in the American and New England Studies Program; all others are History of Art & Architecture doctoral candidates/recipients.