GWISE Advisory Board

At its outset, GWISE created an advisory board of key administrators, professors, and professions within and beyond BU to help develop its strategic vision. As GWISE grows over the years, we hope to utilize Advisory Board meetings to reflect more broadly on GWISE and its place within the community. We meet with the Advisory Board once each year to reflect more broadly on GWISE’s effectiveness and its place within the community. We draw upon the Advisory Board’s experience and insight to improve our organization. The goal of our this annual meeting is to update them on our progress and to solicit feedback to enable us to better serve the community and fulfill our mission.

GWISE Advisor

Carolyn Hodges-Simeon, Professor of Anthropology 
PAST: Simone Gill, Professor of Occupational Therapy
Andrew West, Professor of Astronomy
Cynthia Brossman, Director of LERNET
Kim McCall, Professor and Chair of Biology


W. Jeffrey Hughes, Professor of Astronomy

Advisors Internal to BU

Tom Bifano, Director of Photonics Center
Beverly Brown, Director of Center for Global Health & Development & Office of Technology Development
Ann Cudd, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences
Kenneth Elmore, Dean of Students
Kenneth Lutchen, Dean of the College of Engineering
Julie Sandell, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
Gloria Waters, Vice President and Associate Provost for Research
Joyce Wong, Director of ARROWS

External Advisors

Ed Bertschinger, Professor of Physics at MIT, Institute Community and Equity Officer
Sarah Cardozo-Duncan, CEO and Founder of Career Strategist
Joannes Kamens, Executive Director of Addgene, President-emeritus of AWIS