GWISE Library


The GWISE Library is comprised of over 150 books we’ve discussed in the GWISE Book Club in the past 10 years – and is still growing! You can check out our collection here. Books are divided into 4 categories: Fiction, Science (non-fiction), Social/Political/Historical, and Personal Development/Memoir/Other.

In the spirit of building community, you will be able to see who else currently has books checked out and how many copies are currently available. 


How can I borrow a book?

If the book you want to read is available, you can request it by emailing and arrange to pick it up from the book club coordinator at your convenience.


If all copies of the book are on loan, you can e-mail the students with the book and arrange to pick it up directly from one of them once they’ve finished reading. Please cc Bryanne ( in your communications or inform her once the exchange has taken place in order to update the spreadsheet.


How long can I keep the book for?

Until you finish the book, someone else requests it, or you graduate. 


How do I return the book?

Contact to arrange the drop-off at the same place you picked it up.


Can I donate books of my own to the library?

Sure! Contact us at