Find out more information about GWISE groups below!

Book Club

  • Time: ~ every 1.5 months
  • Contact:

GWISE holds Book Clubs featuring great reads and discussion. Books are nominated and selected by the GWISE community. We loan electronic (e-books and audiobooks) and hard copies free of charge to all interested in participating. All are invited!

Book club meetings are currently held virtually. When meeting in person, we also provide lunch.  For the latest updates on logistics of the Book Club, consult our biweekly GWISE newsletters. After the book club meetings, hard copies are available to all the GWISE community through our GWISE Library.

Coffee & Conversations

  • Contact: Sue at

GWISE Coffee & Conversations is an informal journal club and discussion series, where we hope to provoke meaningful discussions about issues relevant to women in STEM. Each event, we select a topic of interest to the community and use a recent scientific or popular article as a launch point to facilitate a friendly and lively discussion over coffee, tea, and snacks. Past topics have included negotiation and implicit bias in mentoring.


  • Interested in helping GWISE participate in intramurals? Contact

GWISE is interested in coordinating and supporting teams for various BU Intramural sports.

Parents’ Group

  • Time: Bimonthly
  • Contact: Interested in helping GWISE run Parents’ Group? Contact

GWISE Parents’ Group seeks to host events for parents and parents-to-be in science and engineering. Meetings will be held twice a month with tea and cookies (maybe lunch) for parents to discuss anything and everything about parenthood during graduate school. Some ideas for discussions are:

  1. Forming an accountability group for parents to chat about the problems they may face as graduate parents, such as inability to go to school, time management, focusing problems, etc.
  2. Discussing policy-related problems current parents face, as well as new plans to put in place for parents-to-be
  3. Scheduling play dates for the graduate kids
  4. Just getting together to vent about kids, research, or both!

Fitness Group

  • Date and Time: M-Th, Time varies
  • Location: Virtual for now (join mailing list for specifics, updates, and reminders)
  • Contact: Sanaya at

Take a break with GWISE Fitness classes! Classes range from HIIT to Pilates to Body Conditioning. All levels, genders, and ages are welcome. Classes are free, open to all BU associates, and all levels (including beginners!) are welcome.  Please email Sanaya ( to sign up for weekly updates (location/time changes, additional classes) or with any questions or concerns.


WISE Guys is a program aimed at increasing the participation and engagement of men in GWISE affairs. GWISE events are open to all who support women in STEM; despite this, many men do not take advantage of our excellent events and volunteer opportunities. We would like to increase attendance and bring more men into the GWISE community. Furthermore, GWISE is interested in engaging men in the advancement of women in STEM. The issue of gender equality in STEM involves both genders and requires cooperation on both the individual and organizational level. WISE Guys will be an effort towards increasing graduate student dialogue at BU about gender equality. The WISE Guys team is always interested in hearing from men in the GWISE and graduate student communities with thoughts and feedback on this new GWISE venture. We are also interested in finding out what related events you would like to see. Please email our WISE Guys Coordinator – Dan Hart ( with any input, or to be on the WISE Guys mailing list.