Film Showings in the Fall

By Shawn ProvencalJuly 15th, 2021

We ask everyone to plan for Geddes to resume in-person film showings beginning in September.  While we were granted an exception to BU’s policy on streaming during LfA to allow for films to be digitized and posted on Blackboard, this will no longer be an option once we resume face to face teaching.  As such, students will need to come to the lab to view Geddes films either individually or as part of a class group showing.

We encourage you to begin planning for this in your syllabi and to begin to make room reservations via our website as needed.  We will continue to allow instructors to have digital access for a period of time for preparation of materials or to make clips using MyMedia channels.

Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services host a large number of foreign films for a fee.  For students who do not have or wish to subscribe to these services, Geddes will continue to acquire films to allow students to watch films in our lab.

Regarding streaming films at the Mugar Library, most selected titles will be available through the Library’s main streaming services: Kanopy, Swank and Alexander Street, with other services being used as required. Instructors are welcome to request any titles needed for course support via either the online Reserve Request Form or the Krasker Film/Video Form.  Additional information about both services are available at Course Reserves and Krasker Film and Video.

New Film Acquisitions FY2021

By Shawn ProvencalJune 29th, 2021

Here is a list of newly acquired films from July 1, 2020 through June 30th, 2021.


EN  8.644 Istanbul Unveiled
EN  8.645 Coco
EN  8.646 Holy Silence
EN  8.648 The Sopranos Season 4 Sopranos Season 4
EN  8.649 The Italian Italian, The
EN  8.650 Sinatra: All or Nothing at All All or Nothing at All
EN  8.651 Analyze This
EN  8.652 Give Us This Day Christ in Concrete; Salt to the Devil
EN  8.653 My Cousin Vinny
EN  8.654 Lucky Luciano
EN  8.655 The Sheik
EN  8.656 The Rum Diary
EN  8.657 The Italian Americans
EN  8.658 A Bronx Tale
EN  8.659 Scorsese Shorts Italianamerican, American Boy, It’s Not Just You, Murray
EN  8.660 Moonstruck
EN  8.661 Rocky
EN  8.662 Hava Nagila
EN  8.663 Sometimes in April
EN  8.664 Frontline: Ghosts of Rwanda Ghosts of Rwanda
EN  8.665 Indecent
EN  8.666 Mystic Iran: The Unseen World
FR  8.810 Chanson Douce Perfect Nanny
FR  8.811 Les Misérables Les Misérables (2019)(Ly)
FR  8.812 The Truth La vérité
FR  8.813 Portrait of a Lady on Fire Portrait de la jeune fille en feu
FR  8.814 On a Magical Night Chambre 212
FR  8.815 Operation Turquoise Opération Turquoise
FR  8.816 A Sunday in Kigali Un dimanche à Kigali
FR  8.817 The Translators Les traducteurs
FR  8.818 Someone, Somewhere Deux moi
FR  8.819 Matthias & Maxime Matthias et Maxime
FR  8.820 The Freshman Premiere Annee
FR  8.821 J’ai perdu mon corps I Lost My Body
FR  8.822 Petite Fille Little Girl
GE  8.166 Margarete Steiff
HE  8.071 Me'Ever Laharim Vehagvaot Beyond the Mountains and Hills
HI  8.030 Gully Boy
IT  8.412 Scipione l'africano Scipio Africanus: The Defeat of Hannibal
IT  8.413 Gold of Rome L'oro di Roma
IT  8.414 Perlasca: The Courage of a Just Man Un eroe italiano
IT  8.415 Grandi magazzini
IT  8.416 Scialla!  (stai sereno)
JA  8.234 Good Morning Ohayô
JA  8.235 Tokyo Twilight Tôkyô boshoku
JA  8.236 Your Name Kimi no na wa
KO  8.172 Burning Beoning
PG  8.024 Bacurau
PG  8.025 Antonio das Mortes O Dragão da Maldade contra o Santo Guerreiro
SP  8.323 Zama
SP  8.324 Museo
SP  8.325 Nostalgia for the Light Nostalgia de la luz
SP  8.326 Yuli Yuli - The Carlos Acosta Story
SP  8.327 Birds of Passage Pájaros de verano
SP  8.328 Juan of the Dead Juan de los muertos
SP  8.329 Verónica Veronica
SP  8.330 Tigers are not Afraid Vuelven
SP  8.331 Roma
SP  8.332 [REC] REC
SP  8.333 The Devil's Backbone El espinazo del diablo
SP  8.334 Good Day, Ramon Guten Tag, Ramón
TK  8.021 Kedi

Geddes licenses Extempore for 2020-2021

By S Mark LewisAugust 16th, 2020
What is Extempore? It is a web-based software tool that allows instructors to obtain and assess authentic speech without having to schedule face-to-face time with each student. Assignments and grades integrate nicely with Blackboard. A limited group of language programs and faculty have decided to pilot this software in 2020-2021. Anyone who would like to learn more about Extempore and how it works should read through our software support documentation here or email

New Resource for Online Teaching

By S Mark LewisJune 10th, 2020

The Summer 2020 Faculty Workgroup developed an open site with wide-ranging solutions for language educators. The site expands on the live sessions (called "Pop-up Sessions") taking place throughout May and June. All session recordings can be found here.

ACTFL resource – How to move online in a hurry

By S Mark LewisMarch 28th, 2020

OK, you're teaching remotely and things are moving along relatively smoothly. Now what? Is there still room for reflection as we start our third online week? This video by Chris Hromiliak, Chair of the ACTFL Distance Learning SIG, has some solid advice for language educators who don't have the time to design and develop along traditional timelines and according to proven methods.

Geddes Mini-Grant Recipients for 2019-2020

By S Mark LewisNovember 13th, 2019

We are pleased to announce four projects that will receive funding in the form of a Geddes Mini-Grant this year. They are:

Boris Corredor: "Language Learning through Film Adaptation"; Svitlana Malykhina: "BU Digital Russian Poetry Project"; Jaemin Roh: "Designing Vlog Projects and Learning Portfolios with SeeSaw"; and Celia Bianconi: "Design and Delivery of an Online Placement Exam for Portuguese." Congratulations to all!

Forthcoming book co-authored by Prof. Manuela Wagner, Univ. of Connecticut

By S Mark LewisSeptember 4th, 2019

As one of the presenters at the NERALLT 2018 Conference at Boston University, Dr. Manuela Wagner highlighted the importance of educating today's language learners for intercultural citizenship. Her forthcoming book Teaching Intercultural Citizenship Across the Curriculum: The Role of Language Education which Wagner has co-authored with Fabiana Cardetti and Michael Byram, places much needed emphasis on the connection between the classroom and the outside world. The need "to create learning experiences that lead students to 'go outside' so they discover 'what's inside'" has relevance for us as we continue to build out courses within the BU Hub. Stay tuned for more on this topic at Geddes, including a copy of this volume for check-out by faculty following its publication date later this fall.