Forthcoming book co-authored by Prof. Manuela Wagner, Univ. of Connecticut

By S Mark LewisSeptember 4th, 2019

As one of the presenters at the NERALLT 2018 Conference at Boston University, Dr. Manuela Wagner highlighted the importance of educating today's language learners for intercultural citizenship. Her forthcoming book Teaching Intercultural Citizenship Across the Curriculum: The Role of Language Education which Wagner has co-authored with Fabiana Cardetti and Michael Byram, places much needed emphasis on the connection between the classroom and the outside world. The need "to create learning experiences that lead students to 'go outside' so they discover 'what's inside'" has relevance for us as we continue to build out courses within the BU Hub. Stay tuned for more on this topic at Geddes, including a copy of this volume for check-out by faculty following its publication date later this fall.

Recent Film Acquisitions

By Shawn ProvencalAugust 29th, 2019

Below are a list of films added to the Geddes Library between September 1, 2018 and August 31, 2019.

Lust Caution
Timber Gang
Oxhide II
Raised from Dust

The Others
The Adventures of Tintin
Key Largo
Gentleman's Agreement
Across the Pacific
Letters from Iwo Jima
The Good Shepherd
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Passage to Marseille
The Formula
You Can't Take it With You
American Madness
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
Frank Capra's American Dream
Dark Passage
The Adventures of Robin Hood
Reflections in a Golden Eye
All Through the Night
Action in the North Atlantic
To Have and Have Not
A Prairie Home Companion
The Maltese Falcon (1931); Satan Met A Lady
Mulan 2
Finding Altamira

Milou en mai
Farewell My Queen
Four Days in France
BPM (Beats Per Minute)
The Workshop
Marcel Proust's Time Regained
Comment j'ai tué mon père
Le père Goriot
Uncle Yanco; Black Panthers
Mur Murs; Documenteur
Lions Love (...and Lies)
Love At First Fight
Le huitième jour
À Tout de Suite
Je t'aime, je t'aime
Place Vendome
L'amour à mort
Gilles' Wife
Baisers cachés
Les evénements Mai 68
La Grande Vadrouille
Memoir of War
Sorry Angel
The Wild Boys
Cold Water
Sink or Swim
Dilili in Paris
The Guardians
Something in the Air
Histoires d'une nation
In Safe Hands

Hausar baka

Zero Motivation
The Wedding Plan
Langue Sacrée, Langue Parlée
D'une langue à l'autre; Vaters Land / Perte


Before the Revolution
1938: When We Discovered We Were No Longer Italian

Oh Lucy!
Blade of the Immortal
Like Father Like Son

The World of Us

Flores de otro mundo
7 Boxes

Kis Uykusu

Congratulations to Geddes Graduating Students

By Shawn ProvencalMay 8th, 2019

All of us here at Geddes (and I'm sure the instructors we serve as well) would like to thank our graduating student employees for all they've done for the Center over their time here.

Whether it be greeting everyone with a smile, dealing with student emergencies, or being unfairly good at trivia, you've all contributed to the Geddes environment in ways large and small. You've also shown your dedication and work ethic, and we wish you the best of luck as you carry those skills on with you to your next steps in life, hopefully bolstered by what you've learned here. What you've each brought to Geddes has been unique, and your absence next year will be noted!

Sarah Berretta (CAS - graduating in December)
Kate Blanch (CAS)
Abby Herbst (SPH)
John Macksoud (COM)
Nav Ramineni (CAS)
Freddie Ramos (ENG)

Mark Lewis recognized with CAS 2019 Outstanding Service Award

By Shawn ProvencalMay 1st, 2019

On Thursday, April 25th, Mark Lewis, Director of the Geddes Language Center, was presented with this year's BU College and Arts and Sciences Outstanding Service Award for Partnership for his invaluable work and service to the College by Daryl Healea, Assistant Dean of Academic Programs.

4th Annual Spring Faculty Showcase

By Shawn ProvencalApril 16th, 2019

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On Wednesday, April 17 we hosted one of our most successful Spring Faculty Showcase events yet!

The program consisted of presentations from our 2018-19 Geddes Mini-Grant recipients:

• Shutan Dong – Supporting Student Engagement through Open Educational Resources
• Sue Griffin and Laura Brusetti – Italian for Speakers of Spanish
• Heeju Lee, Junga Yoo, and Jungsoo Kim – A Web-based Korean Placement Exam for First-Year Korean
• Borja Ruiz de Arbulo Alonso – Course Redesign by the Addition of Technology

Thanks to these faculty for their innovative and fruitful work this year!

Boston Area Pedagogy Conference 2019

By S Mark LewisNovember 6th, 2018

The Department of World Languages & Literatures at Boston University invites interested faculty from all Boston Area Consortia institutions to attend the:

Boston Area Pedagogy Conference

An Inter-Institutional Dialogue on the Teaching of Languages, Literatures, Cultures, and Cinema

Friday, March 22, 2019

at Boston University

Register here

NERALLT Conference

By S Mark LewisOctober 19th, 2018

The turnout was great and the quality of presentations exceptional at this year's NERALLT Conference, hosted by the Geddes Language Center on October 11-12. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible!

Translation Seminar 2001

By Shawn ProvencalOctober 5th, 2018

We've updated the Seminar in Translation page to include the archive of lectures from 2001.  These include:

Ron Jenkins – Laughing Hieroglyphs – Translating Dario Fo [01-26-2001]
Will Waters – What is Lost There – Reading, Translating and Comparative Literature [02-02-2001]
Zhu Hiong on Su Xiaokang’s Memoir of a Misfortune [02-09-2001]
Michael Heim – Free or Literal, Let Text Decide [02-16-2001]
Roger Shattuck – Ockham’s Razor and Proust’s Beard- Translating Proust [02-23-2001]
James Hoggard – The Poetry of Oscar Hahn [03-16-2001]
Cola Franzen – The Poetry of Jorge Guillén – Readings from Horses in the Air [03-23-2001]
Madeline G. Levine – Negotiating -Polish Provincialism – The Prose of Czeslaw Milosz [03-30-2001]
Angela Livingstone – Translating Tsvetaeva’s Poetryand Platonov’s Prose into Englash Verse [04-06-2001]
Sassan Tabatabai – Of Roses and Nightingales – Translating the Poetry of Rudaki [04-20-2001]
Diana Burgin – From Eugene Onegin to Richard Burgin – The Making of a Transgeneric Translation [04-27-2001]

You can find the audio for these lectures available here: