Fall 2021: Upcoming Workshops, Brown Bags, and Events

We can arrange hands-on training for any of the language technology tools we support. Contact us at geddes@bu.edu for details.

For further information on the Brown Bag Sessions, please contact Svitlana Malykhina (svitlana@bu.edu) and Viktoria Hackbarth (vhackbar@bu.edu).  For information regarding the Geddes Workshops, please contact geddes@bu.edu.

All Geddes Workshops will include a pre-workshop presentation or outline of key points (video, PDF, Google slides, other) available in advance, and a guided Q&A session at Geddes on Mondays from 1:25-2:15pm.  Brown Bag Seminars will follow the traditional format.

We encourage all faculty to attend in person in CAS533B.  For those who wish to attend the Monday session remotely, a Zoom link will be provided.

Geddes Workshop: Padlet Use in Asynchronous Instruction
Borja Ruiz de Arbulo, María Datel, and Kate Lakin-Schultz, Romance Studies
September 27, 2021

Brown Bag Seminar: Thinking Outside the (Zoom) Box: Puppetry, Improv and Dangerous Games
Verónica Rodríguez Ballesteros, Romance Studies
October 12, 2021 (Monday schedule of classes)

Geddes Workshop: Using Genial.ly to Gamify and Create Phygital Spaces
Mira Angrist, World Languages and Literatures
October 25, 2021

Geddes Workshop: Best of IALLT 1: Interactive Interpretation: Connecting Interpretive & Interpersonal Communication
Catherine Ritz, Wheelock College of Education
November 1, 2021

Brown Bag Seminar: Enhancing a Sense of Community through Innovative Digital Projects
Yating Fan, World Languages and Literatures
November 8, 2021

Brown Bag Seminar: Visualizing Voices & Voicing Visuals
Viktoria Hackbarth, Romance Studies
November 22, 2021

Spring 2022

Geddes Workshop: “Best of IALLT 2”
Shutan Dong, Sue Griffin, Shawn Provencal, Frank Antonelli, Mark Lewis
Date TBD, early 2022

Check back soon for a full list of Spring 2022 Events.