Film Showings in the Fall

We ask everyone to plan for Geddes to resume in-person film showings beginning in September.  While we were granted an exception to BU’s policy on streaming during LfA to allow for films to be digitized and posted on Blackboard, this will no longer be an option once we resume face to face teaching.  As such, students will need to come to the lab to view Geddes films either individually or as part of a class group showing.

We encourage you to begin planning for this in your syllabi and to begin to make room reservations via our website as needed.  We will continue to allow instructors to have digital access for a period of time for preparation of materials or to make clips using MyMedia channels.

Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services host a large number of foreign films for a fee.  For students who do not have or wish to subscribe to these services, Geddes will continue to acquire films to allow students to watch films in our lab.

Regarding streaming films at the Mugar Library, most selected titles will be available through the Library’s main streaming services: Kanopy, Swank and Alexander Street, with other services being used as required. Instructors are welcome to request any titles needed for course support via either the online Reserve Request Form or the Krasker Film/Video Form.  Additional information about both services are available at Course Reserves and Krasker Film and Video.