Recording Studios

The Geddes Language Center’s three recording studios serve the needs of a diverse clientele, and are especially well-suited for archival, curricular, and web related projects.

Audio Studio – CAS 539C

539CThe Audio Studio combines superior acoustical design with contemporary hardware and software to deliver professional level recordings. Course related faculty projects can be recorded and edited in a variety of formats, including DAT, Cassette, CD and various Web formats.  For more information contact Frank Antonelli.

Video Studio – CAS 533B

533BThe Video Studio is equipped with a camera and microphone for digital video recordings. It is primarily used by instructors who wish to have presentations or “skits” recorded for future use, such as viewing in class, or posting on the web. It may also be booked by faculty for recording lectures, interviews and presentations. Reservations for the Video Studio require two days notice. We can either train in use of the recording equipment, or provide a staff member to do the video shoot.

The Video Studio also functions as a screening room. It is equipped with a Mac Mini, a laser projector, wireless Crestron AirMedia, VGA and HDMI laptop hookups, and a region-free Blu-Ray/DVD player.  The studio can accommodate groups of 35.

For hybrid meetings, the Video Studio is equipped with a Zoom PC, front and side-facing cameras, and an omnidirectional ceiling mounted microphone to allow remote participants to participate.

Video Studio – CAS 533C

The Geddes Media Workshop is the perfect venue for small group recordings, media-enriched projects, meetings and other creative sessions. As a meeting space, the Workshop is set up to accommodate five users and provide a variety of video, audio and computing resources.  A Mac Mini, Blu-Ray player and laptop hookups are available.