The many resources of the Geddes Language Center are available to students and faculty for language learning and other pursuits.

Computer & Video Lab – CAS 537

The computer lab currently has 16 stations with Lenovo PCs and 8 iMac stations. MS Office and Adobe Creative Cloud are installed on all computers.

Headsets and microphones are available at each station for listening or recording.  Recordings may be done via Zoom or web-based software such as Extempore.

Student printing in the lab is done via MyPrint, a managed service by IS&T.  See for more details.  Black and white printing can be picked up at the lab MyPrint station.  Color printing can be picked up in CAS105, the CAS Think Tank.  Scanning to Google Drive is also available.

Faculty printing can be done using MyPrint or via the printer in the Faculty Workspace.  Faculty using MyPrint will use their IS&T print quota.  Faculty printing to the workspace printer will use a Geddes quota of 500 pages per semester.

The lab is also equipped with viewing stations with all region Blu-Ray, DVD and VHS players. Computers may be used for DVD playback by borrowing a USB DVD drive at the checkout window.  Groups of up to two can watch together in the lab stations.  Screening rooms are available for personal or group viewings when unoccupied.

Production Pod – CAS 537

A Kolo Poppin 1 Plus Pod is available at the far end of the computer lab for those looking for a quiet and private distraction-free space.

Currently the Pod is available  on a first-come first-serve basis, however we anticipate a self-serve reservation system to be in place late in the Fall semester.

Faculty Workspace – CAS 537

Faculty WorkspaceThe faculty workspace is open to faculty and teaching graduate students in the Romance Studies and World Language and Literature departments who wish to meet with colleagues or who need a space to prepare materials between classes.

There are two Windows PCs and one Apple iMac available. Flatbed scanners, a document scanner, headsets, microphones, and a printer are available.

Lounge – CAS 536


The student lounge is a great place for preparing for class, meeting with teachers, and collaborating with your fellow students. A TEEM table provides student collaboration via a 55″ monitor, both through wired and wireless (AirMedia) laptop connections.