The Geddes Language Center maintains five classrooms dedicated to media-assisted teaching. All classrooms are equipped with a Lenovo desktop.  For all other classrooms in the CAS building, see the  Learning and Event Technical Services (LETS) classroom website.  All classrooms in the CAS building, including Geddes classrooms, are scheduled using the registrar’s 25Live software.

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Room Cap. Seating LCD Projector VHS DVD/Blu-Ray Ceiling Camera/Mic (Zoom)
CAS430 25 Node Chairs 75″ Yes No Region 1 (US) Yes
CAS530 20 Node Chairs 60″ No Yes Region-Free Yes
CAS534 18 Tablet Chairs 60″ No No Region-Free No
CAS538 18 Tablet Chairs 80″ No No Region-Free No
CAS425 20 Movable Tables & Chairs No Yes No Region 1 (US) Yes

All classrooms have VGA and HDMI laptop hookups as well as wireless presenting via AirMedia.