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As a faculty or staff member at Boston University, you are invited to join the Fitness and Recreation Center, one of the country’s top university fitness centers. Discover the convenience of exercising where you work and enjoy one of the best perks of your employment at FitRec.

Membership provides you with access to our all of our extraordinary facilities, membership services,  a discounted rate for our wide variety of exciting recreation classes and family programming. We also have locker rooms and saunas that are reserved exclusively for faculty/staff use only for added privacy and comfort. In addition, Boston University’s Blue Cross Blue Shield health care options include an annual fitness benefit that provides a $150 rebate towards the cost of your membership. Take some time to focus on your health and wellness at FitRec while working at BU!

Monthly Faculty/Staff Pricing

Faculty/Staff: $49.95                              Initiation Fee: $15

Plus Spouse: +$37.95

Plus Dependents (17 & under): +$9.95/each

This is a monthly membership. There will be a reoccurring charge on the first of each month until membership is cancelled.  

Join Now

6-Month Faculty/Staff Pricing

Faculty/Staff: $254.75

Plus Spouse: +$193.50

Plus Dependents (17 & under): +$50.75/each

The 6-month membership is valid from January to June and can only be purchased during our open enrollment periods. Automatically renews every six months until cancelled.  

Annual Faculty/Staff Pricing

Faculty/Staff: $479.50

Plus Spouse: +$364.25

Plus Dependents (17 & under): +$95.50/each

The Annual membership is valid from July 2017 to June 2018 and can only be purchased during our summer open enrollment period. Automatically renews every year until cancelled.  

Membership Details

  • The following BU affiliations are eligible for Faculty/Staff membership: Emerita Professor, Emeritus Professor, Retired Employee, Trustee, Visiting Scholar/Research Fellow, Military Science and Fraunhofer
  • Memberships can be purchased for spouses and dependents (17 & under); primary affiliate must be a member for family to join
  • Cancellation Policy – members must cancel by the 25th of the month to end the monthly plan
  • The following groups are also eligible to join. Proof of eligibility, such as work ID or letter from personnel, is required. Attach your proof of eligibility to your membership application and submit to the FitRec Member Services Desk during regular business hours.
    • 660 Corporation Employees on BU Campus
    • Aramark Employees on BU Campus
    • Barnes & Noble Employees on BU Campus
    • Boston Medical Center Employees
    • BU Works Consultants/Contractors

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