Get playing. Get in the game.

We offer a wide variety of sports classes to keep you engaged, active, and fit. Playing a sport or mastering a skill is an ideal way to sharpen both body and mind. Make sure to visit this page prior to each semester since class offerings change with the season.

Squash Classes

Head downstairs to the squash courts at the FitRec Center to get involved in this fast-moving sport. We offer beginning through intermediate classes to teach you basic strokes, rules of the game, and game strategy. Looking for children’s squash classes? Click here

Tae Kwon Do Classes

In this class you will learn the Korean martial art of Tae Kwon Do. Training includes levels from beginner to black belt. Members of the class can experience sparring and poomsae (forms) during practice. Raise your physical potential, gain leadership experience, and train in a supportive team environment! Opportunities to move up in belt rank and compete at collegiate levels outside of class will be offered.

Tennis Classes

If you are looking to get a workout and enhance your skills, join us on the indoor courts at the Track and Tennis Center. We offer beginning through advanced level tennis classes for all ages. Classes keep you moving with stroke and footwork drills, and interactive game play. Advance your game with group lessons, or get personal attention with private instruction. Looking for children’s squash classes? Click here

Volleyball Classes

Get active, get social, have fun! This class teaches the fundamentals of volleyball to beginners and those with limited experience. Learn and practice techniques used in power volleyball: bump passing, setting, spiking, digging, and serving. Class time will be split between drills to develop skills and game play in class scrimmages.