Insurance Reimbursement

How to claim your fitness reimbursement

Boston University Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA Health Plan Subscribers:

To be reimbursed $150 for membership at FitRec, you must send your reimbursement request to BCBS no later than March 31st after the year for which you are claiming your reimbursement.  For more information and detailed instructions, click here.

You are not required to submit proof of payment with your reimbursement, but be sure to keep a copy in case requested by BCBS.

To download your membership receipts, follow the steps below:

  • Login into your FitRec account by selecting the yellow LOG IN button above.
  • At the top of the page select “Your Account”
  • Under “Activity” select “Print Receipts”
  • Your Household Receipts will be listed. (Monthly membership receipts are typically processed on the 2nd or 3rd of a month, while 6-month membership receipts will have an early January or early July date.)
  • Select the Receipt number to view and print for your records. Note: not all receipts are for membership payment transactions; many are for account adjustments, changes, activity registrations, or maintenance.

BU employees with questions about the BCBS reimbursement should contact Boston University Human Resources at 617-353-2380 or

Non-Boston University BSBC Health Plan Subscribers:

  • To download your membership receipts, follow the steps above.
  • To request your FitRec account password/login, contact
  • For specific requests or assistance, contact FitRec Membership at