Fighting Tick-Borne Disease with Computer Science

BU scientists on team building predictive tool to keep insects in check BU ecologists Tempest McCabe (GRS’21) and Michael Dietze develop computational tools to study the complex interactions between plants, animals, and climate. They want to find ways to predict ecological changes, such as fluctuations in tick populations, which could affect human health. Photo by […]

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How Are AAU Schools Dealing with Sexual Assault?

New report details actions—including those at BU The AAU Campus Activities Report: Combating Sexual Assault and Misconduct includes several specific actions and programs that BU has undertaken to prevent and address sexual assault and sexual misconduct on campus. Photo by Conor Doherty. In the two years since a national survey of students at Association of American Universities […]

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Science Club for Girls Takes STEM to the Next Generation

GWISE grad students share knowledge and enthusiasm Aurora Kesseli (GRS’21) with third-graders Amaria Smith (left) and Cassandra Riley as they work on an experiment at the Girls Science Club. In a messy room at Allston’s West End House Boys and Girls Club, a dozen girls and women are gathered around a table, coloring and chatting. This […]

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BU Joins Federal Effort to Engineer Human Tissue

New national institute will develop innovative, life-saving industry Human-made tissue for healing wounds and preserving organs for transplantation won’t be science fiction if a new consortium, including BU, can develop the technology. Photo by BeholdingEye/iStock. Imagine this: a new factory opens in the United States after years of dwindling manufacturing jobs. Unlike the great factories […]

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How the Trump Administration Could Impact Research

Federal Relations’ Jennifer Grodsky on the uncertainties ahead for BU There are a lot of unknowns about the impact the incoming Trump administration and the new Congress will have on federally funded research at BU and other universities. Photo by Kkolosov/iStock. As Donald Trump assumes the presidency, Boston University and other higher education institutions face […]

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BU Researchers Get State-of-the-Art MRI Scanner

$1.6 million from NSF for centerpiece of new Center for Cognitive Neuroimaging The Siemens 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner will be housed within the new Center for Integrated Life Sciences & Engineering building, on BU’s Charles River Campus. Photo courtesy of Siemens Healthineers. The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded Boston University researchers $1.6 […]

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A Point of Light

BU researcher creates images from single photons It’s difficult to capture clear photos in low light. One BU engineering professor thinks he may have solved the problem. Photo by tolokonov/iStock When you take a photo on a cloudy day with your average digital camera, the sensor detects trillions of photons. Photons, the elementary particles of […]

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