Christoph Nolte

Assistant Professor Christoph Nolte’s NASA-ROSES Proposal is Accepted

Assistant Professor Christoph Nolte’s NASA-ROSES Proposal for Comparing the effectiveness of conservation instruments in the Colombian andes biodiversity hotspot has been accepted. Co-Investigators include postdoctoral associates Paulo Arévalo and Eric Bullock. Collaborators include Professors Mark Friedl and Curtis Woodcock of Earth & Environment, Gustavo Galindo of the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology, and Environmental Studies, Clara Matallana of the […]

Christoph Nolte publishes on land protection and forest development

Assistant Professor Christoph Nolte has published “Voluntary, permanent land protection reduces forest loss and development in a rural‐urban landscape” in the journal Conservation Letters. “Voluntary, permanent land protection is a key conservation process in many countries,” write Nolte and his colleagues, who “find that land acquisitions and conservation restrictions implemented by state, local, and nongovernmental […]

Christoph Nolte publishes on ties between conservation and economic growth

Assistant Professor Christoph Nolte has contributed to “Assessing the local economic impacts of land protection,” just published in the journal Conservation Biology. The study explores the link between increases in land protection and employment. “Employment gains were modest but significant across the region, and the effect was amplified in more rural areas,” says Kate Sims, […]

Ana Reboredo Segovia wins grant for land use change research in Colombia

Ana Reboredo Segovia, a second-year PhD student working with Christoph Nolte, has received a grant from National Geographic Society’s Committee for Research and Exploration. Ana will use the more than $7,000 in support of her project, “Comparing Impacts of Payments versus Acquisitions on Land Use Change and Livelihoods in Antioquia, Colombia.”