Upcoming Sexual Misconduct Study

The following message was sent to all Boston University students on Thursday, February 15, 2024, from Dean Campbell-Foster:


 One of the incredible things about BU students is that you don’t hesitate to speak your truth. You engage with passion and unapologetic authenticity. You actively seek ways to enrich your learning and empower those around you. You make BU, BU.  

 I hope that some of you will choose to share your perspectives with us in an upcoming climate survey on a topic that concerns us all. (I rarely use my voice to ask you to complete a survey, so you know this is important).  

 As President Freeman shared in his February 6 letter to the community, BU’s Committee on Sexual Assault & Harassment Prevention (CSAHP) has been working with a consulting firm to focus on compliance with Title IX, including all forms of sexual discrimination, harassment, and violence and how these experiences impact the physical and emotional well-being of students. One of the important initiatives this group has been working on is to facilitate a student climate survey to understand the landscape here at BU. 

 Here is how this will play out. On Monday, February 26, a random sample of BU students will receive a link to participate in the climate survey (there are many benefits to utilizing a random sample; learn more about that and the survey here.) If you receive the link, consider sharing your point of view with us. Your answers are anonymous and will be used to inform community-wide efforts aimed at education, prevention, response and interventions. 

 If it happens that you are not in the randomized group that is invited to take the survey, my ask is still the same – share your voice. There are avenues where you can offer your narrative including speaking directly to the committee.  

 I cannot emphasize enough how important you are in this community. Your voice matters and we are listening. Let us know more about BU, as you experience it.  

 Take care of yourself, and each other,   

 Dean Campbell-Foster  

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