Safety Awareness For Everyone

The following email was sent out to all students on Wednesday, September 13, 2023 from Dean Jason Campbell-Foster and Chief Safety, Security and Preparedness Officer Kelly Nee:


We are writing to ask for about an hour of your time to review the new SAFE (Safety Awareness for Everyone) resource; an elective, online training module that outlines the support provided by BUPD in the event of an active emergency. The training addresses BU’s plan for a public safety response, while also providing tips and resources on how to keep yourself and others safe in the event of an active threat in our community.

Our greatest priority as a university is ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all of you, which means providing quick and effective communication during an emergency.  We recognize that the nature of this topic is sensitive, as emergencies can be triggering to some members of our community. That’s why these trainings were developed in collaboration with a variety of BU departments, including Student Health Services, to provide content that is relevant and precise, while being mindful of the wellbeing and mental health of our community.

We hope that our community will never endure the emergencies that these videos will prepare you to respond to, but preparedness continues to be our greatest tool.

Take care, and stay SAFE,

Jason Campbell-Foster, EdD
Dean of Students
“Dean JCF”

Kelly Nee
Chief Safety, Security, and Preparedness Officer

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