Halloween Weekend

The following message was sent to all students on Thursday, October 27, 2022, from Jason Campbell-Foster, EdD, Interim Associate Provost and Dean of Students, Kelly Nee, BUPD Chief of Police and Executive Director of Public Safety, & Judy Platt, MD, Chief Health Officer & Executive Director of Student Health Services 


Hocus Pocus 2 is streaming, the weather looks to be spooktacular, and you are putting the final touches on your creepy costumes and deciding where you will show them off. It’s Halloween season in Boston! As you make your final plans, we offer friendly reminders about the events, gatherings, and parties that await.  

Above all, have fun! Bask in the heightened energy, enjoy the candy corn, and take a break from studying to be with your friends. Halloween is about celebration and community.   

However, you choose to celebrate (we offer some student-led suggestions here) please make sure you look out for yourself, your friends, and the other Terriers you encounter while out and about. Some quick tips for a healthy, safe, and epic weekend: 

  • Look out for each other: make sure your friends get home safely and plan your activities ahead of time and stay with your group; 
  • Be aware of people acting in a way that may harm you; 
  • Don’t appropriate your costume (keep culture out of your costume, folks) and avoid using replica or toy weapons as accessories;  
  • Comply with any public safety advisories and requests (FYI: Boston PD shared this message with the community about the upcoming weekend);
  • If you choose to drink, don’t overindulge. Set a drink limit for yourself, find a system that works for you to help keep track of how many drinks you’ve had, and think about how you will refuse drinks (or what you could have instead – like seltzer or water) once you have hit your drink limit. 
  • Always keep your drink with you and don’t accept a drink from a stranger; unfortunately, not everyone is looking out for your best interest – there has been an increase in spiked drinks in Boston, so either get your drink directly from the bartender or make it yourself, and keep your drink covered;
  • And if your friend has had a little too much, we want you to reach out and get help – that’s why BU has a Good Samaritan Policy which means you can get help without getting in trouble, even if you’re under 21. 

While this coming weekend is about joy and togetherness, it’s also about stepping up for a friend by stepping in when something doesn’t feel right.   


Please take good care of yourself and your fellow Terriers,  

Jason Campbell-Foster, EdD 
Interim Associate Provost and Dean of Students 

Kelly Nee 
BUPD Chief of Police and Executive Director of Public Safety 

Judy Platt, MD 
Chief Health Officer & Executive Director of Student Health Services 

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