Welcome! Matriculation 2022

The following email was sent to all incoming first-year students at Boston University on Tuesday, July 26. 

Welcome to the Boston University Community!

Your new beginning is cause for you, your family, friends, and all of us in this University community to celebrate. Your journey through this vibrant, academic community will begin with the annual traditions of Matriculation. Matriculation is the formal process of entering Boston University as a candidate for a degree—we mark the occasion of your entry into BU through a formal ceremony and a series of events on Sunday, September 4, 2022.

You will receive a formal invitation from Boston University President Brown, but I wanted to give you a quick look at the Matriculation Sunday agenda—we have a full day for you that starts early:

  • Good Morning, Terriers! at 8 am
    • You can hit the ground running or stretching with an optional morning walk, run, or stretch. Breathe deep. Relax. Strengthen your body and open your mind to all the incredible experiences that await you over the next four years.
  • New Terrier Breakfast – 10 am to noon
    • Dining Services has developed an optional special Matriculation morning breakfast for you. Word is that BU Culinary Director Chef Bee has pumpkin pie donut bites, triple berry muffins, strawberry oat pancakes, hash brown & avocado bowls, vegan chorizo breakfast tacos, and Aleppo chili avocado toast on the menu.
  • University Service of Worship at 11 am
    • You have the option to join Dean of Marsh Chapel Robert Allan Hill and an in-person choir at Marsh Chapel for the annual Matriculation Sunday service.
  • Matriculation Walk begins at 12:30 pm
    • Another key University tradition is the Matriculation Walk, where the entire class of incoming students walks to the Ceremony of Matriculation together. You will receive a letter when you arrive on campus with more information so that you are able to fully participate.
  • The Ceremony of Matriculation at 2 pm
    • During this important tradition, you will be formally enrolled as a member of the Boston University community. This mandatory ceremony is an annual gathering of faculty, staff, returning students, and family to celebrate the wonderful legacy of our institution and our commitment to your continuous learning. Be sure to wear your best, nifty, scarlet BU t-shirt during the ceremony.

Family members are welcome to watch your Matriculation Ceremony as your guest, in-person or via a live stream. As you can see, Matriculation Sunday is a full day of activities. These and other key University traditions and additional Matriculation Sunday activities can be found on the Class of 2026 Matriculation website.

“I look forward to the days when we can come together, share stories, laugh, cry, and feel good about who we are.” *

Until then, take care, and Go Terriers!

Jason Campbell-Foster
Interim Associate Provost & Dean of Students

*Dr. Daniel R. Wildcat

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