Registered? In the Know for Making a Difference?

The timbre of the times has many of us reflecting, talking, and acting (hopefully with each other). We are discussing elections; arguing about campus, national and global political climates; and, being publicly and collectively active around the issues for which we care.

To encourage students, eligible to vote in American elections, to register to vote, we are linking voter registration to existing campus structures, programs, and initiatives through TurboVote ( – an online platform that makes sure you know when elections are happening and have the information you need to vote. Once you sign up, you can get registered to vote, apply for your absentee ballot, and receive election reminders through the site.

Registering to vote is only one way to be nimble in this time of political discourse and activism. I encourage you to remain aware of other just-in-time opportunities – lectures, public rallies, discussions, and activities – that allow you to reflect on the campus, national, and global political climates. Give yourself permission to participate in opportunities to improve political discourse by practicing it through your formal class readings and discussions, activism, informal interactions and dialogue, and other engagement. In addition to classes and your initiatives – individually and through student groups – the Community Service Center and Howard Thurman Center sponsor opportunities for face-to-face interactions and creative encounters.

Being “in the know” when it comes to making a difference and changing the world requires nimbleness.  Developing your knowledge and skills to make that difference requires plenty of motivation and lots of intellectual work. Much strength to you — to us — as you — as we — go forward,


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