Human Resources and Payroll

Once an offer letter has been tendered, upon arrival all employees must be hired into the University’s Human Resources and Payroll enterprise system. For this part of the process, the following documentation should be submitted to your department coordinator, the originals of which are required by Human Resources before any hire is approved. Please click on each link below to access the form or for additional information.

Required HR Documentation

When the candidate has visited Human Resources and delivered the required documentation, the hire is completed when HR produces a Boston University Identification (BUID) number for the employee. This unique number is the basis for all access at Boston University.

Employee ID (Photo badge)

Having received their BUID, employees will be directed to the ID Office to be photographed for an employee photo badge which should be worn at all times on BU property. This photo ID is particularly important at the dental school as faculty and staff who access secure patient treatment areas must have an ID to pass through certain doors. The ID Office is located in the first floor of the parking garage at 710 Albany Street. For more information and hours of operation:


New hires will create an email address while at Human Resources. This consists of a unique 8-character login name and a robust Kerberos password. In general, while there is no prohibition on what an employee may use for an email name, please keep in mind that your email address is often the first identifier people see when contacted by you, which identifies you as a professional employee of Boston University. Some combination of your first and last name is preferred, to the extent that it will not exceed the allotted 8 characters. To check if a particular ID is already in use, you may visit and type in your preferred 8-character name. If the search does not return a match, that login name is likely available for your use. When you sign up for your email address at HR, you will also need to create a Kerberos password. A Kerberos password simply refers to a password that has a minimum of 10 characters which must be a mixture of letters, numbers, and upper/lower case (no special symbols). This password should be as robust as you can make it because it is the basis for your access to all Boston University electronic systems including email, HIPAA and other safety training and research compliance portals, student registration systems, and the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal—where you can access and change your personal information and also view confidential information about your payroll and benefits.

Once you have created your email address, you will be added to the Dental School’s email distribution systems so that we may use email, our preferred internal method of communication, to keep you informed about the latest developments at the School including important new School policies and procedures, special announcements, meeting invitations, and important safety and emergency announcements.

Benefits Orientation

Human Resources will make an appointment with you to attend an information session where an HR benefits representative will provide you with information on the many benefits packages available to employees. Attendance at one of these sessions is mandatory and employees will not be allowed to enroll in University benefits programs until they have participated in a benefits orientation session.

Direct Deposit

All employees at Boston University are required to receive their regular paycheck through direct deposit. Within 24 hours of completing their hire at HR, an Employee Self Service (ESS) tab will be available to the employee at Login to the BUworks Central Portal is based on your BU email address and Kerberos password (described above). It is here where you will enter your direct deposit information and view your monthly Employee Earnings Statement.


Parking on the Boston University Medical Campus is available on a first come, first served basis based on availability, and is not subsidized by Boston University. For more information, please contact the Office of Parking and Transportation Services

Alternative Transportation and MBTA Pass Program

Transportation Solutions for Commuters, Inc. (TranSComm) is a transportation management association that coordinates the transportation needs of the Boston University Medical Campus and Boston Medical Center communities in the Albany Street neighborhood of Boston’s South End. TranSComm develops employee programs that promote alternatives to driving alone and enhances accessibility to the lower South End.

Please visit TranSComm’s website for information about carpooling options, the BU Shuttle (free bus service for employees and students between the Charles River and Medical Campuses), bike rack options and the MBTA Pass payroll deduction program for employees.

BU Shuttle (aka the BUS)

Information and schedules