Faculty Promotion

Promotion is a result of professional growth.

The faculty member’s chair should be involved in setting goals, evaluating progress, and deciding to promote a faculty member. It is incumbent upon a faculty member’s department chair to inform the Office of the Dean whether that faculty member is anticipated for promotion in a given fiscal year.

The Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (GSDM) is committed to being the premier academic dental institution promoting excellence in dental education, research, oral health care, and community service to improve the overall health of the global population. The school actively encourages and supports professional growth and development within its diverse and internationally renowned faculty of 325 educators, researchers, and clinicians.

Professional development is an important component of a career in higher education. Beginning when an individual joins the faculty at GSDM, they collaborate closely with their department chair to map out a series of professional goals leading to excellence in the areas of scholarly activity, research, teaching and service. Over time, such development ultimately merits advancement in academic rank as an individual’s achievements mark their professional development as an educator, clinician or researcher.

Promotion at GSDM is based on individual merit and is realized following demonstrated professional growth and excellence in scholarly activity and service over a period of years. When an individual, in collaboration with their chair, has determined that such development warrants academic promotion, the chair will work closely with the faculty member to create a promotion application which quantifies the individual’s professional accomplishments.

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