Policies and Protocols Affecting Faculty

GSDM Faculty Vacation & Attendance Policy

GSDM faculty members are eligible to formally accrue vacation leave as specified in the GSDM Faculty Vacation & Attendance Policy. An overview of sick time and other leaves that may be available to faculty are also outlined in the document.

GSDM Faculty Vacation and Attendance Policy


Faculty Annual Review

All faculty members at GSDM are expected to participate in the School’s Faculty Annual Review process.

The Faculty Self Evaluation & Development Review was designed to provide an opportunity for collegial dialogue between faculty members and their supervisors and Chairs. Expanding on this theme, we have modified the process to be an online, web-based tool. Our hope is to provide an overall process that allows faculty members and Chairs supervisors to understand the needs and goals of each other, and provides individuals a mechanism by which they may document their professional growth.

GSDM Faculty Annual Review


External Professional Activity

The primary responsibilities of Boston University faculty members are teaching Boston University students, research/creative work, and service to the University.   However, the University also recognizes that external professional activity can be beneficial if it contributes to the faculty member’s professional experience and reputation. Each year every faculty member must submit an External Activity Report to his or her dean in order to report both compensated and non‐compensated external professional activities undertaken in accordance with the policy.

BU External Professional Activity Policy