Faculty Onboarding

There are two major components to the employment process: basic hiring and academic and clinical credentialing. Please note that International employees may have additional requirements prior to hire. For additional details, visit www.bu.edu/isso.

Offer Letter

Hiring new faculty begins with a formal offer letter. Offer letters should include information on status (full-time, part-time, volunteer, affiliate), the number of days the faculty member is expected to work (employment effort), salary, benefits, duties and responsibilities. The letter should also contain information related to the specific type of faculty contract under which a faculty member has been employed.

Please send offer letter drafts to Jason Stevens (jasonls@bu.edu) and Richard Rabbett (rabbet@bu.edu) for review. All offer letters require review and signature by the dean.

 Occupational Health Clearance

Once a faculty member has signed their conditional offer letter, the next step in the onboarding process is clearance from Occupational Health (OHC). Upon receipt of the signed letter, OHC will reach out directly to new faculty members to evaluate their immunization status. Faculty members who lack sufficient documentation to validate the required immunizations must undergo an updated immunizations review process, either with their personal physician or with OHC. New employees are eligible to receive required inoculations or boosters from OHC at no cost.

Once a new faculty member has met the required immunization protocols, OHC will provide them with a Certificate of Clearance. Once the Office of the Dean receives confirmation of this immunization clearance, the offer letter will be fully executed.

For questions related to this health screening process, please contact Jason Stevens at jasonls@bu.edu.

University-required Forms

Incoming faculty members must also complete several other University-required forms as part of their onboarding process. The documents linked below must be completed before a new faculty member can be hired into BU’S SAP system:

Initial Appointment

Academic titles must be approved by the Appointments & Promotions committee, as well as the GSDM dean. New faculty hold the rank of clinical lecturer until their titles are finalized. For more information on how to submit an appointment for consideration, please see the following documents: