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Choosing an education in computer science can give you real power to effect change in the world. It can also be a smart career move: opportunities are excellent, thanks to the continuing revolution in computer technology and applications. Our graduates find rewarding careers in the financial, medical, education, gaming, media, and entertainment sectors, as well as in the software and hardware industries. aybe you’ll design a killer app or build a revolutionary technology company. You might design a groundbreaking algorithmic trading platform, new software that helps people with disabilities use computers, or software and hardware to support fully autonomous vehicles

Boston University’s Department of Computer Science offers several programs in computer science to cater students will varying degrees of interest and specializations.

  • The 15-course Bachelor’s degree consists of a strong foundation of coursework complemented by electives in several tracks, including networks, theory, data mining and data analytics, artificial intelligence, operating systems, media computing, and security/cryptography.
  • There are five pre-approved joint majors
  • The challenging integrated BA/MS program is available for highly qualified students.
  • The 6-course computer science minor is available to students majoring in other disciplines.

If you’re interested in Computer Science but don’t intend to pursue a CS major or minor, the department offers several introductory courses with no prerequisites. These introductory courses count toward several Hub areas.

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In you are interested in declaring a major in computer science, contact us at For specific issues and questions, please make an appointment with your academic advisor.

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All undergraduate admissions are handled by the Undergraduate Admissions division. Please contact their office for information and inquiries regarding application materials for undergraduate admissions and financial aid. If you plan to major in Computer Science, you should apply to the College of Arts & Sciences, where our department is housed.

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