How will you leave your mark on the world through Computer Science? Maybe you’ll design a killer app or build a revolutionary technology company. You might design a groundbreaking algorithmic trading platform, new software that helps people with disabilities use computers, or software and hardware to support fully autonomous vehicles. Then again, perhaps you’ll explore the limits of what’s computable.

Making a difference

Choosing an education in computer science can give you real power to effect change in the world. It can also be a smart career move: opportunities are excellent, thanks to the continuing revolution in computer technology and applications. Our graduates find rewarding careers in the financial, medical, education, gaming, media, and entertainment sectors, as well as in the software and hardware industries.

But how do you prepare for a lasting career in a field that changes so rapidly? Boston University’s Computer Science program provides an education to last a lifetime. While making sure that you’ll be competitive in the job market the moment you graduate, we teach problem-solving techniques that will apply regardless of the fashions of the day.

Programs & Courses

Our 15-course computer science major consists of a strong foundation of coursework complemented by electives in several tracks, including networks, theory, data mining and data analytics, artificial intelligence, operating systems, media computing, and security/cryptography. A 6-course computer science minor is also available. For highly qualified students, we offer a challenging, integrated BA/MS program. And motivated students in all programs can participate in laboratory research directed by world-renowned faculty to learn how CS applications help solve society’s problems.

If you’re interested in Computer Science but don’t intend to pursue a CS major, the department offers several introductory courses with no prerequisites. These courses satisfy the Math & Computer Science divisional requirement. For students matriculating at BU starting Fall 2018, these introductory courses count toward several Hub areas.


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