When you enroll in the Computer Science Department at Boston University, you don’t just get an education—you gain a community.

Yes, our program is challenging, and the motivation to succeed is up to you. But you’re not in it alone. Among the greatest rewards of computer science at BU are the many and varied opportunities for collaboration with other students and faculty. Because our department is relatively small, we work and interact closely.

Getting involved & together

For example, you might work one-on-one with a faculty member on a small, focused research project one semester and team up with a large, interdisciplinary research group the next. You can also participate in our annual Research Open House, where CS graduate students (and some undergrads!) share their current projects and results. And who knows how many friendships have started up during the late-night sessions at the CS programming lab?

A variety of extracurricular activities brings CS undergraduates together, too. For example, head over to BUILDS, the Boston University Information Lab & Design Space. It’s a 24/7 student-run workshop, complete with power tools, disassembled computers, a red robot mouse, and plenty of energy and conversation. Connect with Global App Initiative, a group of students who design, develop, and publish free open-source mobile applications to make a positive impact on our local and global communities. Meet industry visitors and classmates while you scout the job market at campus recruitment sessions. Great student groups like Make BU, BU High Performance Computing, and Open Web BU all give students an opportunity to expand their horizons outside the classroom.

Students should also consider joining the Women in CS at BU group and Girls Who Code. The Artemis Project, an undergraduate women’s group created to introduce 9th-grade girls to the world of computer science through a fun, five-week summer program, is also well worth considering.

Get a look at campus life

The best way to get a feel for undergraduate life at BU and in the CS community is to plan a visit to campus. See our BU Admissions website for information on visitor programs, tours, and scheduling your visit.