If you think Computer Science is the most exciting, gratifying, and promising field you can pursue, we couldn’t agree more.

That’s why, at Boston University, we believe our Computer Science program should not only educate but also inspire you with the joy of computing. Fortunately, our internationally renowned CS faculty members do both. Each strikes a balance between conducting world-class research, excelling in education, and training students to become leaders in their field. You’ll be motivated by their achievements and enthusiasm alike.

Boston: an inspiring city

Our location provides many kinds of inspiration. A major technology and research hub, Boston is also one of the world’s most intellectually vibrant urban centers. More than 250,000 college students call it home, because it’s an ideal setting for living and learning. Come and immerse yourself in the city’s unique history, its art and music, theater and literary life, and rich cultural melting pot.

Our Students go places

The students in our program are outstanding in their own right. Undergraduates in the Computer Science Department consistently matriculate at the top of their BU entering class. Graduate students join us from premier universities across the globe.

For all these reasons, you’ll find that whether you choose to pursue a rewarding career in industry, as an entrepreneur, or as an educator, the demand for our graduates is high. Alumni of our BA, MA, and PhD programs land jobs at top technology companies—such as Google, Akamai, and Microsoft—or are hired by major employers in the financial, entertainment, health care, or defense industries, among others. Our BA graduates who wish to earn advanced degrees in computer science, law, management, and medicine are sought after by some of the best universities in the world. And many of our PhD graduates now hold faculty positions at distinguished universities worldwide.